Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT)

We are a voluntary charitable nongovernmental organization, founded in India in 1965 by Shri Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar.Its original objective was to help meet the needs of victims of disasters that regularly hit the Indian sub-continent. In 1985 AMURT broadened the goal to include long-term development.


AMURT Kenya’s mission is to help improve the quality of life of poor and marginalized people by promoting health care, values and economic status of communities we serve.


To see a liberated, harmonious resourceful society, framed with fraternity, love and mutual respect.

Our Goal

AMURT aims at realizing short-term emergency relief and long-term sustainable development programs through participatory community initiatives while respecting local culture and values.

Some of our Current Projects


INUKA Community Based OVC Project (ICOP)

Nilinde OVC Project

Young Health Programme

APHIAplus Western Project

GEC-T Wasichana Wote Wafaulu

Success Stories